Mind/Body/Spirit Balance – Emotional Healing

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a dynamic system and method of energetic healing where the person gently taps points on the body in a specific order. The tapping points correspond to the meridians which have been observed, documented and explored in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Emotional Healing Edmund

When there are feelings of imbalance, it is important to use methods and systems that address the three fundamental layers of the human being – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

Studies show that stress and emotional trauma contribute greatly to imbalance. Viewers will learn EFT, an easy-to-use self-help technique that may help reduce pain, stress, depression and anxiety so that the body can return to balance.


Tips for Living in Balance

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Love and gratitude are two of the most powerful healers.

Studies show that spending just a few moments each day in a state of gratitude can replace fear, anxiety and worry with joy, happiness, and peace, resulting in a healthier and more balanced body and mind.

1. Create a daily gratitude journal.
2. Start your day in a state of gratitude. Make a list of five things you are grateful for right this minute. Think about your list and feel good about each thing.
3. During the day, reach out with kindness to others and show thanks.
For example, write a nice note when you leave a tip.
4. End your day in a state of gratitude. Write down three good and positive things that happened that day.

-Courtesy of Tao – Living in Balance Expert, Jeanine Sande


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