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Opening the Heart

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Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence

Mind/Body/Spirit Balance – Heart Balance

In ancient times, the heart was considered the seat of intelligence and the emperor or ruler of the major organ networks of the body. Then, over the years, new studies in neuroscience put the brain on center stage.

Heart Balance

Today, the science of the heart shows that the heart is a complex informational processing center with its own functional brain. In fact, the heart acts as if it has a mind of its own and studies show the heart influences brain function and most of the body’s major organ systems.

It is well documented that stress, depression, anxiety, sadness and obsession contribute to diseases of the heart. Negative emotions and stress can lead to the disorder of the heart’s rhythms resulting in the heart and the body being severely out of balance.

From mental clarity and creativity to emotional balance and personal effectiveness, the heart is the source of emotion, courage and wisdom.

Only by bringing the heart into balance can one enjoy the benefits of increased harmony and health.

In this episode, Edmund Jin visits with Rollin McCraty at the HeartMath Institute where viewers will learn how to bring the heart back into balance.

  • Heart Coherence

    Heart Coherence

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