Sound Energy Healing Session

Before receiving a Sound Energy Healing Session, I felt blockages in my energy field and my midsection felt stuck. I was also dealing with low grade chronic viral infections in my liver and lungs. I had been under tremendous stress with moving to a new town (Encinitas) from LA after 20 years. Before my first session, Diáne said my energy field looked like Swiss cheese. Lots of holes in it. Not a good thing. In one of the first sessions, with different bowls placed on my chest, abdomen, both hands and around my feet, I experienced this (familiar) claustrophobic panic come up. I willed myself to stay fully present with the discomfort and soon I began to sob. I knew it was about a parental dynamic from my childhood. It was a very important release. I am surprised and stunned at the power of the bowls and in awe of the process. I felt more power and clarity after the session. I've received clarity on some very important life decisions during the sessions. I feel that my whole overall energy is better. I have more access to my personal power. I've been given the gift of immersion in frequencies of Divine vibration which has had a harmonizing effect on my whole being.
Eve Baldwin February 19, 2016
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