Michael McKibban started on a path in 1993 of exploring alternative ways to enhance and balance our own healing systems. As a massage therapist and bodyworker he was blessed with the gift of working with traditional Osteopathic doctors, alternative MD’s and many other teachers who helped him learn to work with the innate healing abilities that are in every living system.

During this time, in 2001, Michael was led to study advanced energy medicine systems and he developed a deep understanding of how to facilitate the balance of our own energy systems for healing. He also learned about the concepts of quantum physics and the structure, function and consciousness aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

Michael was then led to work in the field of animals and nature, and he learned how to apply this knowledge in an experiential setting for sessions and workshops. In 2010 he completed a two-year equine apprenticeship program that included coaching, natural horsemanship, private and group sessions with horses and facilitation of experiential workshops. This has taken Michael on many adventures around the world.

The horses have become wise and powerful teachers for Michael, and now he is exploring the horse-human relationship and the dual healing experience that comes through the heart connection we share. He invites you to explore your true heart in the present moment with these beautiful spirits!

Michael is an advanced practitioner, instructor and consultant of Healing Energy Dynamics. He facilitates experiential workshops and is available for private and group sessions. He also provides private consultations and sessions at distance.

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