Healing Energy of Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid extracts that can help people feel more alive and in touch with goals, values and creativity. They work by the principle of vibratory resonance and can help release emotional stress which may result in less physical tension.

Flower essences are catalysts for emotional change and work by stimulating awareness.  They are made specifically from the fresh blossoms of the plant because it is at that time when the plant most clearly expresses the qualities which can speak to emotions, attitudes and inner experiences. The vibrational imprint of the flower is extracted in water and then future diluted embody the flower’s vibrational healing.

Flower Sharon Lab

Flower essence expert Sharon Callahan formulates a special flower essence in her lab in Mt. Shasta.

Flower essences are safe and gentle and can be used for pets, too. Sharon Callahan, a flower essence specialist and animal communicator says, “Because an animal's entire being is a subtle energy receptor, it is easily disturbed by the tiniest fluctuation of energy in its personal environment; this is particularly true of cats. By the same token, an animal's subtle energy attunement makes it  very responsive to re-alignment through the use of flower essences.”


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