Phyllis Lei Furumoto lived with, and has practiced Reiki most of her life. Her grandmother, Hawayo Takata, initiated her into Reiki as a child.

A Reiki Master of Hawayo Takata Sensei initiated in 1979, Phyllis traveled extensively with her grandmother until the time of her death in December, 1980. After Takata Sensei’s death, Phyllis was recognized as her successor. The practice is now known as Usui Shiki Ryoho honoring the lineage of Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei, Takata Sensei, and Furumoto Sensei.

Since 1980, Phyllis has supported the global community in its development as well as teaching her own classes and maturing on her path of development. Her experience of the practice of Reiki has given her the continuing gift of healing, a way of developing her spiritual relationship with all that is, and the desire to encourage all people to celebrate themselves as individuals balanced in a connected universal relationship.

Passionate, articulate and human, her desire is to give each person who chooses Reiki the path to celebrate their individuality and to see the wholeness in who they are no matter what they do. Phyllis still teaches a few beginning classes, prepares advanced students for their life time commitment of Mastery, supports the global Reiki community in their search for understanding the Way of Reiki, and contributes to Regenerative education within the Reiki community. She is involved in supporting many organizations and associations that wish to advance the practice of Reiki as an spiritual practice and a choice for personal healing on all levels of the human condition.

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